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The Original Big Wheel "Spin-Out" Racer 16" Trike w/ Hand Brake
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The Original Big Wheel "Spin-Out" Racer 16" Trike w/ Hand Brake



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Features a hand brake for tight corners and spinning out! Also includes an extra wide wheel base, and a giant 16 inch wheel. Comes with a three position adjustable saddle seat for a child up to 70 lbs. Big Wheel stickers comes in every box! For ages 3 to 8. Assembled size is 20"H x 39"W x 21"D. Made in the U.S.A.


The Original Big Wheel "Spin-Out" Racer 16" Trike w/ Hand Brake and Decals

Product Details:
Product Length: 22.0 inches
Product Width: 8.0 inches
Product Height: 2.0 inches
Package Length: 26.1 inches
Package Width: 16.0 inches
Package Height: 11.6 inches
Package Weight: 10.45 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 60 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review: 3.0 ( 60 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

22 of 23 found the following review helpful:

2Don't waste your timeMay 31, 2012
By Amy P. "treehuggin granola pack"
I bought this out of nostalgia having had a Big Wheel as a child. Do not let the name fool you: this product in no way resembles the "original" in quality or function. Lets start with the assembly instructions or lack there of. Basically all you get is a schematic drawing with numbered steps. There are no written instructions. I am quite handy at do-it-yourself assembly and I struggled for 2 hours to put this thing together. It was too late last night for my son to try it out by the time I got it together so the first test drive was this morning before preschool. This is where the real disappointment comes in. The hand brake does not disengage, which may be too technical of a term for this flimsy braking mechanism. It rubs on the tire continuously. Adjustments are not possible. Compounding that problem is the fact that every tiny pebble on the sidewalk gets lodged between the brake and the tire making it impossible for the child to pedal the bike. My 5 year old announced this morning that hes was "indignified" by this frustrating test drive and stated "this isn't a very good Big Wheel. I like the one at Toys R Us better." From the mouths of babes. Going back to Toys R Us and buying the one I should have bought in the first place - the one Radio Flyer makes. It may not have a hand brake and may not be nostalgic but at least the kid could ride that one. As for this one: right back in the box it goes and I'm returning it.

14 of 14 found the following review helpful:

1don't waste your time or moneyDec 28, 2011
By S. wells "my kids matter"
got this for my sons BIG Christmas present. put it together Christmas eve and the rod that connects the tires was too short. thanks to ACE hardware we solved the problem BUT there should have never been as issue. also this is extremely light weight cheap plastic.....not like when we were kids.

17 of 18 found the following review helpful:

1Ripped off!Jun 25, 2012
By lucland
I bought 2 of these without reading the reviews. We get our grand-kids for only a few days a year for there birth day. we bout two of these for them and feel totally ripped off! the axle that says 21" was only 19 and one of the bikes came with only one rear wheel!! the manufacturer refused to overnight us a rear wheel so the kids will be long gone before it gets here!! Biggest waste of 200.00 dollars I have ever spent! please do yourself a favor and move on these bikes suck!

13 of 14 found the following review helpful:

2Overpriced; misprints; bad customer service, age not accurateFeb 23, 2012
By Stephanie A. Weaver
We purchased this big wheel for our almost 4 year old son. He parted with some of his toys and asked for a big wheel. My husband insisted we get the one with the hand brake and adjustable seat. Apparently this is the only one in the market. In my opinion, this item is way overpriced. Other than that, we got the product really fast and the company that you are buying it from is excellent. My husband assembled the product but had trouble with the rear axle. in the directions, it says the axle is 21 inches. He measured it and it was 19 inches. I emailed the seller and they informed me that the company who builds the big wheel handles their problems directly so I was given an email contact. I informed the rep that the axle was 2 inches short. She told me that was a misprint and that it is 19 inches. Not only were the directions wrong in the box but the ones online as well. (if I were the company I would want all my materials to be correct) She directed me to their website and told me to click on assembly help. I replied that there was not a link for assembly help and to send me the direct link. She ignored my request. I finally asked for a manager, who was no help what so ever. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE Customer Service. Thanks to know one there, we had to go off script and really put in some elbow grease.

After it was assembled, we put our son on it...his feet couldn't even turn the pedals. I do not think this is good for a kid until they are 5 (unless they are 100th percentile at age 3).

21 of 25 found the following review helpful:

5Awesome ride-on toy!Sep 22, 2011
By Mother Forquer "Maybe..."
I put it together in less than an hour. No major problems. The hardest part was getting the rear axle through both axle holes. A little elbow grease and patience were needed, but it's nothing your typical mom (like me) can't handle.

My 5yo son LOVES it! And he loves the box, too!

Spin-out brake works great! The faster you go, the cooler the spin-out.

If needed later, you can order any Original Big Wheel part from their website. I won't post it out of respect for, but they don't sell directly from their site, anyway. Google it.

This thing is so cool I wish I could ride it, like I did back in the early 80's. The sound of the wheels cruising on the sidewalk brings back so many fond memories...

I'm pleased with this purchase in every way, and my son is, as well. Buy one!

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