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Wild Divine & Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation Biofeedback Software & Hardware for PC & Mac
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Wild Divine & Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation Biofeedback Software & Hardware for PC & Mac



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Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation is a BRAND NEW, one-of-a-kind meditation experience led by Dr. Deepak Chopra and our Iom hardware.

With Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation, you'll embark on a soothing journey into a visually immersive, rich world where you'll unlock the secrets of a deeper, more fulfilling meditation practice. You will tap into levels of the unconscious, previously attainable only after years of study. The active feedback of the Iom lets you get into deeper meditative states, faster than ever before possible.

With increased focus, concentration, awareness, and confidence, you'll face life's professional and personal challenges head-on.

The Secrets of Meditation will transform both your meditation, and your day-to-day life. With Deepak Chopra's Secrets of Meditation, you'll experience your life in an entirely new way. If you're new to meditation, this is the fastest method to the benefits of meditation, without folding yourself up like a lawn chair or spending months or years wondering "Am I doing it right?" With Dr. Chopra's guidance and the immediate, active feedback of the Iom, you'll know within 15 minutes that you're doing it right. And when you have the confidence you're doing it right, it becomes much, much easier to take it to the next level, where the really dramatic breakthroughs start to manifest themselves in your life.

Escape the stressed-out, anxiety-riddled rat race cycle
Stop worrying and enjoy each day more
Productivity at work or school increases
Relationships positively transformed
The "little things" won't annoy you as much
More joy, flow, and appreciation
Your energy will become naturally balanced, increasing your vitality
People will notice there's just something different about you......


Includes the Iom Biometric Hardware

Practices & Guided Meditations

Learn effortlessly, easily * Infinitely replayable

Variable difficulty: Watch your progress * Perfect for learning or improving

Learn balance, escape the stress & anxiety trap for good

Product Details:
Package Length: 10.3 inches
Package Width: 7.6 inches
Package Height: 2.7 inches
Package Weight: 0.95 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 2 reviews
System Requirements:
Platform: Mac OS X
Media: CD-ROM
Item Quantity: 1



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